"Just Like In Movies"

👤 Anoymymous Female, 22, Heterosexual

Illustration by Supitcha Senarak


My friend and I went to a host club out of curiosity. I never had a boyfriend or touched a boy in my life. But all of my friends were already experts. Hahaha. Still, I love talking about sex with my friends even though I’ve never had one. I think I know quite a lot. XD

Before we entered the club, my friend asked me “Are you gonna buy him? If yes, I’m just telling you. Just relax and go with the flow. But if you have a wound in your mouth, don’t ever do oral sex. And protection is a must, yea?! If anything goes wrong, just tell me really quick.” I was still debating with myself so I just told her I’d think about it.


Supitcha Senarak


There were a lot of good-looking guys in the club. Most customers were girls. An employee-led us to a table and Captain asked us if we wanted boys. We agreed. We chose two boys to sit with us. The host boy I chose was hesitant to touch me at first. I was so awkward that my friend had to tell him to chat with me because I’m shy. We played rock-paper-scissors. The loser had to drink a shot. It was so much fun, and I got more relaxed and a little drunk. I didn’t realize how close we were. His arm was around my waist. His voice, the way he looked at me and the scent of his cologne melted me.

Then he handed me a pink candy. I thought I had a bad breath so I tried to take it from his hand quickly. But he said he would feed me. I was like, “I can do it myself.” I got so embarrassed. But he put the candy between his lips and told me not to be shy because it was dark, and no one wouldn’t notice us. He grabbed my face with his hand and stared at me. I didn’t hear anything but my own heartbeat and I recalled what my friend told me to just be relaxed. Then he pulled me into a kiss.

I didn’t know how it started. He crushed the candy in his mouth and slipped it into my mouth with his tongue. My mind was completely blank. He drove me crazy.

His hands were all over my body. He took my hand below his belt but I drew it back. He stopped kissing and asked, “are you disgusted?” I said no. I was just startled. He laid my hand on there again. He tried to get into my skirt but I stopped him. I kind of wanted it too but I was too scared, and I think he noticed it. He asked me if it was my first time. I didn’t answer. He looked a bit shocked and apologized. After that, we just stopped. It was probably four or five in the morning. He walked my friend and I back to our car. I was kind of scared to see his face outside because I was afraid that he wasn’t as good-looking as I’d imagined inside the dark club. But I was so shocked. He was so handsome.

He asked for my Line account. He said we could go eat or go anywhere together during the day but I turned him down. I thought maybe he just wanted a regular customer.

After that day, I kept daydreaming about him. My friend and I joked that he looked like he was from a rich family. It could like in movies where a rich boy who wasn’t satisfied with his life would work at a place like that. Though it cost a lot of money, I was happy with my first kiss. He made my first kiss like the kiss I’d always imagined of.