"I Didn't Want To Upset Him"

👤 Anoymymous Female, 20, Heterosexual

Illustration by Yozanun Wutigonsombutkul


I used to date this guy. He was my first boyfriend and I was so much in love with­­ him.
I would do anything he asked me. When I was in the mood, we were both happy. Sometimes I wasn’t in the mood, but he didn’t care. If I refused him, he’d be mad, and I often just had to say yes in the end. What he liked was forcing me to touch his dick or having me watch him masturbate through Facetime. Sometimes he wanted to film it and again I went with the flow. I thought there’s no way that video would be leaked anyway...


Yozanun Wutigonsombutkul


We went to the beach together once. He asked if we could have sex but I rejected him. I wasn’t in the mood that day.  He asked me to perform oral sex and a hand job instead. I felt like I was being forced into it, but I did anyway because I didn’t want to upset him. I hurried and got it done quickly. We are broken up now, but I’m scared. I just hope the videos wouldn’t surface anywhere.