"I'm Addicted To Pain."

👤 Anoymymous Female, 23, Heterosexual

Illustration by HsingYi Lee


I'm addicted to pain.

We met by chance. You were a friend of a friend.
We kind of liked each other from the beginning.
You started throwing sex into the conversation after we'd been talking for a while.
I was not a virgin so it went quite smoothly.
Soon, somehow, I found myself in your room.
-Damn you, God of horniness. Look at the things you made us humans do-


HsingYi Lee


You asked if I wanted to smoke.
We then went to the balcony and smoked in silence.
“Have you watched Fifty Shades of Grey?” You asked once we finished the cigarettes.
“Yeah, what about it? You wanna do role play, sir?” I joked.
“And what would you say if I tell you I do want to?” You asked, laughing a little.
“You serious? I don't know... I've never thought about it really.” I replied.

You looked me in the eye as if you were checking something.
I raised my eyebrows suggesting an invitation.
You put my hands up the wall and started kissing me hard.
Very soon our tongues finally got familiar to each other.
You seriously wouldn't let me breathe. The kiss was blowing my mind completely.
I didn't remember how we moved from the balcony to your bed. We just did.

You eventually let me go but it wasn't letting go really.
You let me go just so you can get a neck tie from your closet.
“Hands,” you said shortly. I gave you my hands. Good girl did what she was told.
You tied my hands tightly with the neck tie and pulled them up against the headboard.
We kissed again, even harder this time.
You took my clothes off piece by piece.
That warm mouth wasn't only exploring my naked body but also leaving traces all over.
Starting from my neck down to my breasts.
You were sucking and licking one nipple while playing with the other with your hand.
You fondled my breasts hard. God, I could not take it anymore.
As if you could read my mind, you continued kissing me down to my most sensitive spot.
Without any warning, you penetrated my body with your naughty tongue. I gasped and screamed in another language. I got my hands off the tie to grab your face.
You then mourned my body and pressed my wrists onto the sheets with one hand, using the other to grab my neck.
So that was a little punishment for the bad girl, huh?
Weirdly enough, it turned me on.
“Do what you're told, or else you'll be punished.”
I closed my eyes, waiting for the command obediently.
Had I known this was the punishment, I would've gotten naughty since the beginning.

“Where's your butt?” you whispered.
I went down on all fours, facing down, bending my butt up for you.
You slapped my butt harder and harder. My legs and arms were shaking.
I was enjoying the pain. Being dominated felt so good. So good, sir.
“Do you like it?” You asked with a husky voice.
I nodded.
After you were done punishing me, we came back to what we were doing - to you eating me out.
That tongue knew its job and did it well.
My body was shaking. All I could do was hold onto the sheets.
I couldn't stop moaning. I pressed your face against my pussy, wanting you to go harder.
I was breathing heavier and heavier until my body shook as I came.
I still couldn't believe somebody could get me to cum with that one tongue.
You paused, looked up and grinned with pride.
“Why did you stop? Should I do it for you too?” I asked, seeing that you were only holding me in your arms now.
“This is already enough. I like feeling your body shake when you cum,” you answered simply.

As we kept cuddling, you broke the silence saying, “Other girls find it weird. They don't enjoy it. Everybody leaves after knowing my personal taste. You can tell me if I scare you or if there's anything that you don't like.”
“Can you not hit my butt?”
“Oh, it hurts?” He asked, worriedly.
“Oh, I mean, not by hands. I'd rather you use your belt.” I smiled.
Like I said, I'm addicted to pain.
You like dominating, I like being dominated. Perfect match.