Story Gallery

These stories are submitted anonymously from around the world through Survey Monkey.
As a part of our project, artists illustrate these stories.


"Why Can't You Act Normal"
Illustrated by Jean Liang

"I Wonder What Options Wouldn't Outcast Me?"
Illustrated by Michelle Yoon

"Just Like In Movie"
Illustrated by Supitcha Senarak

"It Wasn't Funny At All"
Illustrated by Jamie-Borja

"I Didn't Want To Upset Him"
Illustrated by Yozanun Wutigonsombutkul

"Now I'm Trying To Be A Good Father
And A Good Husband Forever"

Illustrated by Kantapon Metheekul

"It Takes Two To Make Love"
Illustrated by Kitikhun Pan Vongsayan

I Was Determined I Wouldn't Have Sex With Him or Anybody Who Treats Me the Same Way He Did
Illustrated by Kim Herbst

"Intrasombat Personal"
Illustrated by Wanchana Vic

"We Did It Again Against My Will.
He Doesn’t Listen To Me At All"

Illustrated by Joan Wirolinggo

"I Wish You Knew How Much I Hate Myself for Taking Advantage of You"
Illustrated by Tidawan Thaipinnarong

"Right After Sex, She Told Me It Was Not Like People Had To Stay With The First Person They Have Sex With"
Illustrated by Jas Tham

"Oh, I Thought This Was The Bathroom."
Illustrated by Haarika Kathi

"I Just Needed Sex with New People."
Illustrated by Dara Sengchanthavong

"I'm Addicted To Pain."
Illustrated by HsingYi Lee